About Me

I have always had a knack for creating things.  Like many, I started my young engineering career with LEGOs, working part-time after school and all day during my summers at my family's farm to pay for new sets. I graduated from LEGOs and moved to woodworking.  I started by making birdhouses and birdfeeders, making and selling these for a few years. After getting a benchtop lathe for Christmas, I dove head first into the world of turning. I started by making pens and pencils but found my niche in making segmented wooden bowls. I stayed with this for a few years, continuously trying one-upping the previous one. With the money I was saving from selling some of my pieces, I bought my first X-Carve CNC machine. This machine opened up my eyes to the world of CNC machining and productivity. I used it to make everything from decorative signs to tool organizers to cutting boards to cornhole boards. 3d printing quickly came into the mix as they started to gain popularity. I started making small gadgets and quickly started designing my own remote control toys.  A couple of my biggest projects are the Skeeride remote control snowmobile and the Spyker Workshop snowblower. My time at my home shop was cut short and after graduating high school and continuing my education at Kettering University. I am on the SAE Baja team, where every year, we make a high-performance offroad buggy from the raw materials. We design the entire car in CAD and manufacture the parts we design.  We compete against other schools nationwide in various competitions. I have been on two trips with the team so far, one being to Tuscan, Arizona as well as Houghton, Michigan. 

I wanted to make this site to show off what I have done as well as what I can do. I'd love to get my name out there and grow to potential have my own business one day! My dedicated email is jvcustoms@gmail.com