3d Printing

RC Snowmobile

This is not my full design, it is called "Sleeride" and is made by  designer Builditbetter on MyMiniFactory. I've done quite a bit of testing with this sled.  At first the sled had quite a bit of bump steer and I was working on a design to eliminate that but the designer beat me to it along with a better steering mechanism, which was another thing I was trying to improve. I have also upgraded the motor and ESC which melted the stock 3d printed gears almost instantly. I upgraded to the belt drive system but I couldn't get enough tension on the belt, casuing the belt to slip on the pulleys. Besides from being an awful noise, the belt slipping obviously meant that I wasn't getting the full potential out of the sled. This is the main reason as to why I made the aluminum frame, as it would be stiffer and I would also be able to weld the tensioning mechanism to the frame to provide maximum strength.